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The Centre here (known to all as Wraitli Exbuis) is being re-organized to meet the needs of vampiric research within the spiritual and lifestyle communities.

I am building up pages on spiritual sites and lifestyle sites and links (to showcase the difference) as well as a regional state/city page list as is found on facebook, yahoo and google groups.

There are two new installments here the Occult links directory, which features vampyre sites and links, as well as the new wraitli exbuis georgia state communal group on our new over all social community:

I will also be making state/city/regional buttons for you to link back to us with as an informative positive source of our extended communities.


Spiritual and Physicality

Most vampires I know love to argue that we are “Physical beings” because we don’t pass through walls or anything because we are “alive”. These are incorrect statements.

If we can feed on energy at all, we are not a physical being.If we can feel emotions, and are an empath – another name for vampire, we are not a physical being.

If we can see and feel spirits, we are not a physical being.

Therefore, earth is not a physical planet either, because of all the spirit beings and spirit things on this planet, or it would not have spiritual energy we could feed on, feel etc.

Just because we are material, and are actually seen by everyone at all times, unless we can bend our energy to do what we need it too, does not mean we are physical.
It does not make us NON physical either because physical would have to exist at all to make non physical possible. There is only elemental, and spiritual, or dead. Other mundanes who are not like us, who don’t take energy, aren’t physical either or non. They are supposed to be spiritual but aren’t believers anymore so their just “dead”. Dead spirituality wise not dead yet physical wise. Sooner or later however they will be dead physically.

There is also corporeal – material. and Incorporeal- spirit like or revenant like. Ghost like, like us. Earth’s evolution in spirituality allows Vampyres to be both bodily changed into Incorporeal body. Firnament. This can not be undone to be physical – once again it does not exist. You are either awakened or not.

I can not believe I am going to say it this way but here we go:
We are real energy drinking vampires, it is how we change, energy wise from what one considers “physical” or actual dead/corporeal, which is changed to incorporeal, which is a body that is allowed to manipulate energies. Manifesting and drinking a whole bunch of energy, maintains the “shift” and “change” therefore allowing us to be “actual disincarnate incorporeal beings” which means we evolutionize to be the vampires that everyone fears – Revenants, Undead, Unliving. A SHAMAN. It really isn’t evil or that difficult to explain. Wraits/Wraitl/Wraitlen can change their energy forms or projection forms at will to be whatever it is they desire to look like. Even Man for female and vice versus, even some cartoony vampire from rpg or a movie, and only other vampires like themselves can see them/feel them. Yay, a selective society. That is why the Regent does what she does. (Hi.)

When we goi and transcend and transmogrify, our energy state changes, we become spiritual matter – still “seeable” but only if we want to be seen all the time.

Vampyres, whom consume energy, aren’t alive. They would be undead or unliving, because these are shamanic states of being. Therefore the energy vampyre who transcends and en-transcends grows in their path, they get higher up in the states of shamanic being. They never stop eating food or drinking items, because it still nourishes their forms, but may eat less or even more than they did before.

The Wraitlen tradition explains how a vampyre transcends through time, with the aid of cleaning our dna out and working with karmic paths we pull out the dead parts of our lives and we go forward with our spiritual lives. WE dump what we don’t need behind and continue forward learning to live life in a pure manner. If we don’t we descend back to where we started and have to start all over again. The Wraitlen tradition is a latin, etruscani based path of righteousness. Wraitlen means Great Being. It continues on from there to be a En-Wraitlen an even better great being because you become very humble.

Feeding on the blood of animals

I normally prefer to abhor this subject, in hope that sickos will leave the animals alone but still we still see it in our communities.

Elemental feeders can NOT feed on animal blood well, it makes us sick, because animal blood does not contain the same amount of prana that humanoid blood contains or more specifically other real vampyre blood contains. A Vampyre contains about the 33 paletes (cell count) count that we need. Animal blood contains anywhere between 3-13 blood paletes, is more soupy and watery compound than our own. This is because we tend to drink less water and our stomach and insides process this water differently than animals do.

A Palete is somewhat difficult to explain to non medical vampyres whom do not understand the terminology, because our medical research is different than common medical research done in blood labs and I am not a blood tech. This has to do with the plasma count in the blood of a vampyre versus the blood of an animal. That is where the palete count differs, in the plasma, as the blood count in an animal like small cat would be about 135 blood palete, and about 35 in plasma. In a Vampyre the blood count palete would be about 3355 where the plasma would be about 2335 or so in plasma. To other cultures whom see blood/plasma differently, animal blood is seen as less, than a Vampyre’s (still theory, research, can not describe it as truth to you because you may believe differently than we do) that 2335 plasma count is when sinuses are aggravated as it is normally 1335 or so also. (Pay-leet) is how this is said.

However, most vampyres who want to feed on animals do so to threaten or make the animal feel inferior to their killing spree. They’ll gut the animal and bleed it and drink the blood. Drinking blood is a shamanic process regardless of where it comes from. You drink from a cow, you become cow like. You drink from a pig, you become pig like. You drink from another vampyre, you may display some of their traits in your own life.

How can you make the animal feel like you have control over it just by taking it’s life away from it? This is a sickness. You are psycho. I have never had to harm an animal to feed on it’s blood. I’ve never had to drink from animals ever. I have ate chicken, cow and fish as well as pork and turkey of course, and whatever blood was left in the meat has affected me, however, this is the only way I’ve ever ingested animal blood and it does not do anything for me but allow me to see how the animal lived and died. It has made me feel sick before so now I try not to consume beef blood because it and I just do not agree.

People who believe their vampyres who need animal blood to live on correctly are just sick fucks. They don’t know any better and are not anything but a bigot and a tyrant. This is not true vampyrism. Vampyres are elemental so need “elemental energy” being it blood from another vampyre donor or elemental substances – fruit, veggies, nuts all contain elemental life and were grown under the sun, grew in the rain, hung out in the air, has a spirit, and “life force all its own” and is generally grown in the five elements, and grew up from the earth or dirt. Duh. This makes us elemental too if we eat it and it gives us energy! Not to mention the whoosh! Feeling.

Editted: Today I get this in my inbox because I had been a member at one time, and here we have a topic from vampyrian and temple uvup about what “self i.d.’ed” vampires get from “Raw Steaks”. Jesus, people, grosssss. Are you that desperate for blood?

Why I choose to write about Vampires

I am one. Simply put, It’s a hobby.

Allot of people from House AVA and Temple UVUP do not want me to write about vampires. They know what I say will be correct and they don’t want that because I speak out on donor lifestyle, because it’s parasitic and uses people, and their soooo afraid the donors will listen and won’t want to flap the neck cleavage anymore.

Vampires can change the way they feed and what they feed on — but they want to have cute vampire groupies too. Vampires who feed on elemental energy will have x3 times more energy and it will last longer than those who feed on blood. Plus, also no one has to cheat on their bf or gf or kill a stray cat or dog, or lie about where that mark came from or whom gave it to them.

It’s not ok. I don’t want my bf feeding on a male donor. He can feed from me, but he still wants to make his male donor feel appreciated. WTF. I don’t believe you, moron, because you two are screwing to get semen and energy. Then you feel ashamed. F you. But I can’t have a sep. donor, even tho, you do. I don’t need prana or blood like I used too because I am actually evolving. I can see, and feel these changes. Yeah, I’d hate me too.

This is my preferred method of feeding:

Yep, so romantic. No holding required. Just sit it down on a table. Wow!

This will last me about 3 months and three weeks, give or take some, depends on if my allergies are bothering me, the season, cold weather is a little less I think, but I buy tea light candles 100 at a time, usually. I don’t cheat, I don’t owe, I don’t take anything for granted. That is maybe 15 candles (tea lights are small) in a month.

Yep, You can call me an Elementalist shaman too as well as vampyre.

&nbsp Welcome to the new Wraitli Exbuis site…



Welcome to the new Wraitli Exbuis site and blog. The old blog was really out of date. It’s posts were outdated and the pages as well. I tried to edit it, but that was a nightmare so I just decided to start over fresh! We’re a blog about Vampirology, the study of actual real life vampires/vampyres and their actual culture names.


Some of these writings and documents will be theory and controversial. I am not a book vampyre. I am not here to fit in and quote everyone else because I have had different experiences.

I hope that these writings help others feel more at home in their skin and less evil if they have ever felt evil, because you are not evil. Unlike, we are for the misfit whom is elemental and or natural and feels like they don’t fit in with most of the other sang or psyvamps because they’re negative or critical. No one really knows how to run a vampyre community and most are so uptight, they don’t know how to relax and have fun hanging out with their own kinds. If you don’t agree with someone’s views — agree to disagree! Coexist because you are going to have too.

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